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Cooling - Medical Dog Coats

Cooling-Medical Harness Coat

cooling medical dog apparel

* All Dog Coats Are Priced By Size* XXSmall to XXLarge starting at $23.95.

Our Cooling Coats are perfect during those 80 to 90 degree summer days. Professional dog handlers use our Cooling Coats with their prize winning dogs. Keep your dog cool and safe with Richards Dog Harness Coat's famous Cooling coat.

Our "Cooling Dog Coats" are made using the finest quality 100% Cotton Chenille with 100% Cotton Flannel lining. The coats work by light deflection. They can reduce the heat to your dog by several degrees, when kept dry. The fabric is less dense so the air can travel through the coat keeping the dog cooler.

These durable dog coats can also be used for keeping dogs warm after bathing as a designer like spa dog coat, which will help prevent chills, and keep their coats clean. They also have a medical benefit by providing protection to the dog from chewing its HOT SPOTS or, where you may have applied some medication, or if the dog has lost its hair for various reasons. There are many reasons to use the Cooling –Medical - Spa Dog Coat.

Keep your dog warm and dry in the winter months with our Warmth Dog Coats. Keep the snow off your dog while taking your mid-winter walks and have a dry dog when you get home.

See also our famous Rain Coats for Dogs by Richards Dog Harness Coat Company. Great for keeping your freshly groomed dog dry while bringing them home from the groomer.

“People don’t understand how many dogs live in our colder climates that originated in warm areas. I put your coats on all of my dogs!”
~ Minnesota
Measuring Made Easy

Measuring the flat part of the back to the tail, measure the fullest part of the chest

dog jacket measuring
Choosing the Right Size

* All sizes are adjustable

Extra Extra SmallXXS10-13"9"3-5 lbs.
Extra SmallXS12-16"10.5"6-9 lbs.
Extra Small LongXS-L12-16"12"6-11 lbs.
SmallS15-23"12"10-24 lbs.
Small LongS-L15-23"14"10-26 lbs.
Small WideS-W21-30"12"18-30 lbs.
MediumM21-30"15.25"25-49 lbs.
Medium LongM-L21-30"18"25-49 lbs.
LargeL23-36"18"50-60 lbs.
Large LongL-L23-36"20"50-60 lbs.
Extra LargeXL26-40"20"60-74 lbs.
Extra Large LongXL-L26-40"23"75-99 lbs.
Extra Extra LargeXXL29-43"27"100-175 lbs.
Extra Extra Large LongXXL-L29-43"31"100-200 lbs.

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Once you receive your coat, a simple harness adjustment will be necessary. Do not allow straps to twist during this procedure. Lay the coat on your pets back with the straps down, and the coat positioned at the nape of the neck. Adjust front strap loosly around front of chest. It will be necessary to move the strap through both the make buckle and the plastic tri-glude keeper. Adjust the waist belt just snug, but not tight, around rib cage directly behind front legs. Now re-adjust front strap until it is snug. Your pet is now ready for a stress-free walk or jog. Enjoy!


Completely machine washable in warm water. Use mild laundry detergent. DO NOT USE LIQUID FABRIC SOFTENER. Flat dry Rain and Field Coats. Tumble dry all others on low setting.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are not satified with your Richards Dog Harness Coat, please return it within 15 days, along with original sales receipt and explanation of problem. We will gladly work with you to resolve.
Visit "Terms & Conditions" for return info.