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For thousands of years dog has been man’s best friend. Over these years Man has gone from killing game savagely and eating it raw to learning to cook with fire. Along came cabins with fireplaces, and the dog was a welcome companion. Man figured out that he was more comfortable in clothing to stay warm, dry, and cooler in white cloths. They continued to realize that when hunting special gear was a great help for safety and warmth. Today many fabrics have been developed to work with these special purposes.

Here at the Richards Dog Harness Coat Co. we have done our research too, and continue in search for the best products available for your dog’s good health.

“This coat is fantastic. No more fumbling trying to thread a harness ring through the coat. The closures are secure and comfortable. Makes going for walks and playing outside fun. The only dog coat I’ll ever own.”
~ Michigan


small dog with winter warm jacketWe have coats for many uses.

Search and rescue teams use these coats in all types of areas, when searching for lost people.

Medical clinics and clients use the “medical-cooling coats” as large bandages to keep the dog from biting at injuries. Salve can be applied, the coat goes over the wound, and the harness keeps it in place so the dog can not get at the injury.

Outdoor enthusiasts and Hunters use the coats for various reasons. Designed in the “blaze orange field coat” to protect your dog from being shot; they are brightly visible in the field and woods. These coats can be used in a variety of ways. One way is to keep the dog warm after the hunt during the cool down period, typical to race horses. Hunters also find them useful when the dog may have to wait for periods of time in the trucks or cages waiting to be released for the hunt.

Using the coats to keep the dogs warm help maintain their energy levels before the hunt and let the dog regain its energy more rapidly after the hunt, keeping the dog warm and letting the heart rate come back to its normal level at a more relaxing pace. This method also helps the dog regain its energy from an early hunt, and be ready for a second hunt in the evening.

Land owners & Farmers choose the field coats, which are waterproof to help keep the dog dry, and also have an added denier edge so the coat does not get full of field debris. The dogs can run and work freely in these coats. They can then return to the home still warm, dry and healthier. Using the coats will keep your home and car dryer, too.

Many Service Dog Owners prefer our harness coats, as they are very easy to put on and they do not cause any chaffing or rubbing on the back of the front legs, as other harnesses can.

Politicians and Advertisers, our coats can be easily embroidered with advertising materials.

Pet Owners mainly choose the traditional “Warmth Coats” for the winter weather; however, they have purchased every type we make for their own specific uses.


The Richards Dog Harness Coat design protects against cool or inclement weather while adding the benefits of a pet friendly harness. You won’t find a dog coat that is easier to use. With the Harness Coat, two simple American Made clips and the dog is ready to go. Our Harness Dog Coat incorporates sturdy clip fasteners. We do not use hook and loop fasteners (like Velcro®) as they may sometimes, become worn and then fail. The use of the Harness Dog Coat provides control of your pet without pressure on the throat. The Harness Dog Coat can be used with or without your favorite dog collar or choker, and fit nicely over sweaters. There are many dog coats, dog sweaters, designer dog coats, and pet clothes on the market designed to provide warmth and fashion but they fail to work appropriately with a dog harness and they can be cumbersome to use. Some products do not easily allow your dog to relieve itself without soiling the garment but the Harness Dog Coat is completely open on the underside. Our unique product design avoids rubbing or chaffing and is warm, lightweight and comfortable for the dog while providing a ring for quick hook up and release of a leash by the caregiver.

It is not recommended by the Richards Dog Harness Coat Co. that a dog be left alone or exposed to the elements for extended periods while using this product.


large dog winter coat with harnessWinter Warmth Harness Coat
Keep your dog warm and dry in one of Richards Dog Harness Coat’s Warmth Dog Coats. Keep the snow off your dog while taking your mid-winter walks and have a dry dog when you get home. Coats can be used without leads in an enclosed yard so the dog can run and play and keep dryer, too.

We use two different types of fabrics for the Warmth Dog Coat shells. Some are made of fleece, which naturally repels water and snow, and the others have corduroy outers.  All coats have faux lamb wool linings. This was the original Richards Dog Harness Coat for dogs, designed to protect your dog while keeping him comfortable, warm, and dry.

Cooling-Medical Harness Coat
Our Cooling Coats are perfect during those 80 to 90 degree summer days. Professional dog handlers use our Cooling Coats with their prize winning dogs. Keep your dog cool and safe with Richards Dog Harness Coat’s famous Cooling coat.

Our “Cooling Dog Coats” are made using the finest quality 100% Cotton Chenille with 100% Cotton Flannel lining. The coats work by light deflection. They can reduce the heat to your dog by several degrees, when kept dry. The fabric is less dense so the air can travel through the coat keeping the dog cooler.

These durable dog coats can also be used for keeping dogs warm after bathing as a designer like spa dog coat, which will help prevent chills, and keep their coats clean. They also have a medical benefit by providing protection to the dog from chewing its HOT SPOTS or, where you may have applied some medication, or if the dog has lost its hair for various reasons. There are many reasons to use the Cooling –Medical – Spa Dog Coat.

Rain Harness Coat
Keep your dog dry with the famous Dog Rain Coat by Richards Dog Harness Coats. All of our dog rain gear fabrics are water resistant and provide comfort to your dog in the rain or in snowy weather. Our rain dog coats are lined with 100% cotton flannel, so your dog does not overheat, along with keeping the dog from becoming smelly, as other rain coats can. They also provide protection from the bad weather. Our dog rain coats are available in safety bright colors to help make your dog and yourself more visible in foul weather, dusk, and dawn.

For added protection, we offer a line of field dog coats that provide the protection in wooded areas and resist field debris. Our field coats are perfect for farm dogs and hunting dogs, and dogs that do tracking. 

Field, Farm and Hunting Dog Coats
The Field, Farm, and Hunting Dog Coats were designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. These dog coats are warm, durable, water-resistant and are comfortable to your dog. The lower inside edge of the dog coat features a rugged water repellant lining to resist weeds and stick tights, lined with the faux fur lining, called Sherpa. Whether your dog is hunting or working, these dog coats are the perfect protection.

Try our Safety Blaze Orange Dog Coat. The bright orange color is vibrant and adds visibility to help protect your dog.

If you hunt or take your dog in the woods during hunting season, this coat is a must. The Safety Blaze Orange Dog Coat is not waterproof, so that the air can flow through keeping the dog cooler while being safe, on warmer fall days. These coats are made of cotton outer with the rugged lining to resist weeds and stick tights, inner lined with Sherpa. You can add spray-on Water repellent products if you want the coat to be water repellent. These coats will be available with a new, lighter cotton lining so the dog will not overheat. Please call Office for details. paw

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The Richards Harness Coat Co. is proud to be a part of taking care of your dog in a healthy manner. We have created the specialized coats for the above mentioned reasons. The harness coat is designed to be so easy to use you will be able to use it whenever the proper time for each coat arises. Using a harness is strongly recommended, over collar use for the protection of your dog’s larynx. It has been documented that long term collar use does cause neck, back and throat problems for your dog, and can become very expensive to treat.